Since 2011, the EpiGen Global Research Consortium and the Nestlé Research Center have partnered to examine how the diet and lifestyle of pregnant women influence the activity of their baby’s genes, and how these so-called epigenetic changes impact the future growth and health of their children.

The ultimate goal is to develop nutritional concepts and educational programmes which promote maternal and offspring health and well-being, with a focus on reducing the risk of future generations developing obesity later in life.

To date, the partnership has provided key insight into the role of nutrition and other environmental factors on maternal and infant health. It has generated evidence which will result in more than 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and which forms the basis of a first-of-its-kind nutrition intervention study to support maternal and infant health. 

About EpiGen

EpiGen is a global research consortium of leading investigators based at five centres in three countries. EpiGen member organisations are:

EpiGen strives to advance understanding of the developmental and environmental processes that influence health through the lifecourse. Please visit for further information.

About Nestlé Research Center

With a staff of around 600 people, representing approximately 50 nationalities and a wide range of scientific disciplines, the NRC is at the heart of scientific research and innovation within Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company. The role of the NRC is to lead food and nutrition research for science-based and consumer-centric solutions to promote nutrition, health and wellness for consumers. Its research focuses on five key platforms: Healthy Ageing; Healthy Pleasure; First 1000 days and Healthy Kids; Sustainable Nutrition; and Food Safety and Integrity.

Through scientific excellence and technical knowledge, Nestlé Research translates science into products, which help fulfil Nestlé’s vision of “Good Food, Good Life” for all consumers.








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