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I am 38 now, can I join the study?

Yes - you are eligible to join the study so long as you do so before you turn 39.

I have been trying for a baby for some time now, can I join the study?

Yes – there are no restrictions on how long you have been trying for a baby before joining our study.

I have had a miscarriage in the past, can I join the study?


I have just found out I’m pregnant, can I join the study?

No – we can only invite women who are not already pregnant to join our study. You will be given a pregnancy test at your first and second appointment (which is usually 28 days later). You need to be non-pregnant at these two appointments to remain on our study.

What happens if I don’t get pregnant?

We can supply you with up to 1 year of the nutritional drink while you try for your baby.

What is in the drink?

You will be randomly selected to receive either the standard nutritional drink or study nutritional drink.

Can I choose which drink I will get?

No – neither you nor the study team will know which drink you have been given, and you will not be told after the study has finished. We will update you on the overall study progress and results as the study progresses by giving updates on this website.

Where are the clinic appointments?

The appointments before you become pregnant will be at the Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at University Hospital Southampton. During your pregnancy your appointments will be in the SWS Ultrasound Suite at the Princess Anne Hospital. After you have your baby, appointments will be at the Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at University Hospital Southampton. Your travel expenses for the clinic visits will be reimbursed and we can give you a parking credit for the hospital car parks.

I don’t live in Southampton, but I’m happy to travel to the appointments, can I join the study?

Only if you plan to receive your future maternity care in Southampton.

What time are the clinic appointments?

The first appointment needs to be done in the morning during the week, but there is greater flexibility regarding most other appointments, including some which can be done in your own home. We would always endeavour to give you as much notice as possible of appointment times. Once you are pregnant your appointments will be booked around your ultrasound scans, and the SWS Ultrasound Suite at the Princess Anne Hospital operates only during the week.








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